About Us

NOPA is a not for profit association established to provide on-site wastewater treatment providers with an association, voice and forum for the provision of high quality, cost effective on-site design, effluent treatment, installation and discharge to the environment.

Australian on-site wastewater treatment providers represent expenditure by Australian families of more than $1 billion dollars annually. As an industry, we are charged with directly protecting over 5 million Australians from the health risks associated with the discharge of more than 255.5 billion litres of sewage every year on their properties and indirectly for every Australian.

Our industry is highly regulated and subjected to frequent changes made by Federal, State and Local governments, which can present additional challenges to our industry and the delivery of fit-for-purpose solutions.

It is our intention to position NOPA as a professional, qualified voice for on-site wastewater treatment providers, allowing government access to a valuable resource of practicing providers, as they develop legislation to improve the outcomes sought in protecting the community and environmental health.